David and I, we have been practising batik for many years.                                                             We learned in the exotic Tioman Island,  Malaysia, from Master Batik Artist                      Rikki Power….when travelling  the South China Sea.

From the very beginning we were taken by this ancient  technique of drawing with wax and hand painting natural fibres.

I had wanted to learn batik for many years since I was living in Fort Lauderdale, Fl…and I used to go to the Pearl`s store for art supplies, there it was someone teaching Batik classes once in a while…but it never coincide with my busy schedule at the time.

Tioman is the largest in a volcanic group of islands off the East coast of peninsular Malaysia,  to be reached by Ferry or  power boat, from Mershing on the mainland or by airplane from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

The dragon-like appearance of Tioman is at a root of a legend surrounding its origin. “A dragon princess from China was flying to meet her prince in Singapore and stopped to rest in theses calm, warm waters.

Enamoured by the beauty of the area the blue turquoise water and golden sand beaches, she discontinued her journey and took the form of an island”

I was being guided there by David that had told me of this marvellous island of the shape of a sleeping Dragon. After a four or five hours of delightful travelling passing by small inhabited islands we started to see the shape of the sleeping dragon.

Leaving the ferry our first encounter was with Rikki …his Batik Studio was not to far from the Pier and right  next to the hostel that we were staying in.

“When the student is ready, the master appears”

Buddhist Proverb

Thank you for visiting our Blog.

Liliana & David


3 comments on “About

  1. Dear Liliana and David,

    I’m a friend of Rikki Power who is living now in France. Rikki Power will marry my best friend at the end of december and I’m the whitness of their marriage!:)
    Searching for pictures of the Rikki Power’s life in Tioman, I found your blog.
    Have you got old pictures of your trip in Tioman? Would you like to tell something to him for this great event? During the mariage, I will present some pictures and some videos of their life, so if you want to transfer me something, it would be a pleasure.
    Hope to read your soon. Marion

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