Kontigobatik news from Cyclon “Ita”

It is way pas my bed time….but the roar of the ocean, the gales of strong wind, heavy rain and the energy in the air makes me to be here sharing our life with you guys and drinking a strong cup of camomile tea.
We have been all day preparing and putting away everything that could be hazardous in the wait of Cyclone Ita, that reached land on Cape Flattery, Australia a couple of hours ago.

Cape Flattery is about 200 something kilometres north of us in Clifton Beach. I feel for the people there at the moment in the centre of the eye! With winds of 200 kms x hour my thoughts are there …..lots of light to them.

Here in Clifton Beach kontigobatik studio is closed and everything put away inside the house, under the house in the shed…..in the car…etc

Ita is getting here tomorrow if it does not change its path….the good news are that it has already lost power and from a Cat 5, 4… It is now at Cat 3.

At the beach today surf was up…and many surfers were there having fun including David that had a great time diving and swimming the strong waves. (Strong for our beach…since is the Coral Reef barrier…..because I have seen other areas in Australia where the waves are unvelibable)

Nature powerful! Respect!

(If you look at the picture here enclosed…Clifton beach is in between Port Douglas and Cairns).
Thank you for reading.



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