Just thought I would show you another creation..initially we only did batiks …roughly 1m12cm x 1m50cm max (or smaller for cushion covers etc), until someone came along to the studio with slightly bigger dimensions..something for his house that would look good on his wall…2m25 x 1m50 (wide)..ok no probs I said…so I knocked up a new frame and produced this for him..stretched and framed aswell…hope you like it!!…As always, feel free to come and visit us next time you are in far north Qld, Aus or do not hesitate to  put in your own personal order with your favourite colours…the beauty about our batiks is that they are so EASY and cheap to post anywhere in the world!!!!..cheers and happy happy creating in whatever you do.

PS…Thank you to everyone who has passed on favourable comments for previous blogs…it is very much appreciated it really is ….and we love all of your work and stories too..we are new to this site so still feeling our way a bit, but keep your eyes peeled…we will soon be posting the latest fashion batiks (DESIGNER STYLE!!!!!!!!!!).




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