There are many different ways of doing batik…we do it all free hand…using a tchanting tool and then hand paint.  We use Remasol colours I attach a few photos of one of our many creations so that you get the idea…first the fabric (100% cotton or silk)..we mainly use cotton…is stretched across a specially made frame…the wax is then applied (the first photo show the applied wax) (with the tchanting) by hand and then painted.  The piece is then fixed in a sodium silicate solution (unless you want to keep the wax on and use as a wall hang) and you can then it is either made into a garment or used as you please (see a previous blog for uses)…please feel free to contact us for more info or if you happen to be in Clifton Beach (25 kms north of Cairns), North Queensland, Australia…please feel free to swing by and visit our studio….cheers and happy creating!  ImageImage!ImageImageImageImageImage


One comment on “THE BATIK PROCESS!

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